Heating on the Refrigeration pages - there's a surprise.

Heating - Turning Refrigeration on its Head
A Refrigerator Pumps Heat
Heat taken out of the Fridge goes where? A Refrigerator is a Heater!
Taking heat from the "cold" surroundings
Its Cold Outside....Where does the heat come from?
Hot Water...Boiling Water?
Heat is used for more than warmth.What about Hot Water?
Burning fuel
Heat takes energy which comes from burning fuel. Which heating method is more efficient?
 CO2 emitted from combustion!
What about the environment? Is it Greener than my Boiler?
Energy costs are rising
Which heating method will cost least?Make your own comparison


How to Warm the House with Heat from the Garden

Heat Transfer from Outside to Inside

82% of Domestic Energy was used for Space or Water Heating in UK in 2000 (DTI)

The Surge in Oil Prices may have a Positive Side

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