ClimaCheck® is a computer program which will process the measured inputs and provide an output in tables or graphs. Measuring sensors, data loggers and all necessary equipment can also be provided.

The ClimaCheck® Software

The software is extremely versatile. Almost any type of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning or Heat Pump system may be analysed. Any well known refrigerant may be selected, and customised configurations for particular inputs, outputs and system types are possible.

Below is a simplified template for an R407C chiller. The number of variables shown is quite small, and the data is limited to 9 readings taken at 5 second intervals.

Click on the Start button to watch the program in action. Every 5 seconds a set of readings is taken from the system sensors, processed by the computer and the output appears at the top row in the table. This gradually forms a spreadsheet type log of the refrigeration system in action. Data can be analysed, and graphed within the program. It may be saved or exported to Excel.

What Can we Learn?
The system appears to be behaving nicely, but take a look at the superheat! It starts to diminish quite rapidly. Something may be amiss with the expansion valve. Of course this is just a tiny demo. In a proper test we would see the full extent of the expansion valve 'hunting' and observe its effect on system efficiency.

What's more, the effects of any adjustment made to the valve, could be observed and recorded in real time.

The first two left hand coloured columns show the flow and return temperatures of chilled water (Secondary Coolant Evaporator In, and Secondary Coolant Evaporator Out). In this example these temperatures are added to the ClimaCheck inputs enabling the chilled water flow rate to be calculated. This flow rate would frequently be displayed in an additional column. Any parameter which can be calculated, for example heat rejection rate, condenser water flow (from coolant temperatures) can be provided. Columns showing these along with enthalpy values, mass flow rate and several others are omitted in the above table for clarity. Many table formats for various system types are provided as "Templates" with the ClimaCheck software.

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