How Much Cold? How Well are we Doing?

There are two ways to measure. The first and most obvious one is to meter the amount of stuff which has been cooled, and measure how much it has been cooled - how much its temperature was lowered. "How much ice did we make today?" Its tricky to make this type of measurement when cooling air, and even when cooling liquid such as water, the temperature change might be small and difficult to measure accurately.

This 'Measuring' section of the site shows how to make use of the vapour compression cycle itself. It is possible to calculate the efficiency of the process and the amount of cooling once the cycle is defined. A computer program dedicated to this approach called ClimaCheck® is a very powerful diagnostic tool which will help to determine if the cooling equipment is doing its job and doing it efficiently. Input is from a few key parameters from sensors around the circuit and output in real time shows the effectiveness and stability of the process.

How Much Cooling? How Efficient?

How Much Heat is Flowing how far Uphill?

Heat Transfer

Over 60% of Installations measured were found to be operating below the best possible COP!

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