MCDA walk-through Tutorial

The walk-through uses an iterative approach to generating options and criteria. Consideration of options helps you to determine which factors are important to you. Consideration of the important factors may help you think up new and better options.

How would you like to start?

  • Iterative approach starting with some options
    A few options spring to mind. Use these to tease out some criteria.
    Example: Choosing what to do for your summer holiday. You have a brochure giving a number of possible destinations.
  • Enter a list of options
    You may already have a list of options to choose from.
    For example when choosing someone for a job you may be restricted to a list of applicants. Or perhaps you would like to generate your options using an external process, such as SODA (Strategic Option Development and Analysis) which is a software supported process for developing strategic options.
  • Enter a list of criteria
    Some of the decision criteria are already known, or have been pre-defined. Start with these.
    Example: Bidding, or tendering for a contract. You have already been told how the bids will be evaluated, what factors are important.

Step 1

Choose how you would like to start

Iterative or Option List or Criterion list