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The Random Walk Method

The iterative process starts with x=0, y=0. We could start with other numbers, but I am just lazy and have not provided an input box to change them.

One of the functions is chosen at random, and used to calculate new values for x and y.

These new values are then used in the next randomly chosen function.

After ignoring a number of iterations (to allow the system to settle down) each point (x,y) is plotted. After several thousand points have been plotted a shape should begin to emerge.


Minimum x The value at the left hand end of the x-axis. By changing the minimum and maximum values, it is possible to zoom in on any part of the graph.
After changing the ends of the axes the fractal must be calculated again.
Maximum x The value at the right hand end of the x-axis. Must be larger than the minimum x value.
Minimum y The value at the bottom of the y-axis.
Maximum y The value at the top of the y-axis. Must be larger than the minimum y value.
Number of iterations The number of iterations to plot. More iterations will give a better defined picture.
Ignore The number of iterations before plotting starts. This allows the procedure to settle down.