Aleph Zero
Aleph Zero
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Maths My latest hobby - simulations with a mathematical flavour. Index ...
Driven pendulum simulation The Driven Pendulum simulation.
Langtons ant Langton's Ant implementation
Volterra-Lotka Volterra-Lotka fractal - explore online
IFS Some Iterated Function Systems - look at samples or create your own.
Fractals Explore these Fractals that can be generated from the Volterra-Lotka (preditor/prey) equations

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Turning the physics into a fridge
Measuring cooling
What is aleph zero Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and Aleph zero is the mathematical symbol used to denote the smallest infinity ...
Decision analysis Decision Analysis
The art of rational decision making
Vaporization,compression,condensation,expansion A refrigerant is a liquid which vaporizes at a lower temperature than the space to be cooled. Heat then flows from the cool space (downhill) and vaporizes the refrigerant....(more)
Sadi Carnot By brilliant abstract thought the French physicist ......perceived that the difference in temperature levels is what determines the amount of work that can be obtained from flow of heat....(more)
Cycle on P-h diagram Calculate the efficiency of the process and the amount of cooling. A computer program dedicated to this approach....(more)
Heat flow uphill from outdoor to indoor How to heat the house with heat from the garden. Turning refrigeration on its head.