Volterra-Lotka Equations

Here we give an introduction to the Volterra-Lotka system of equations, and explain the iterative process that we use to create the fractals.

Brianís Map

Just as the Mandelbrot set provides an index to all the Julia sets, so Brianís map provides an index to the Volterra-Lotka fractals. We describe the main regions of Brianís map, and point out some interesting areas to explore.

The Volterra Tool

The volterra tool is a small Windows 9.x program that can be used to explore the volterra-lotka fractals. Here you can download the Volterra tool. We introduce you to some of the fractals and give a guide to using the program.


Brian has discovered a strange attractor in the form of a collection of broken arcs. We show you how to find this, and give some illustrations generated by Brianís GenFract program.